Good Glucos Is Making Diabetes Management Accessible to All

Good Glucos - High Quality Diabetes Testing Supplies Delivered to Your Door

Many people with diabetes must check their blood sugar up to ten times per day or more, particularly type 1 diabetics like Elliot Gatt, the founder of Good Glucos. Because of the frequency required, treatment compliance is an issue for many. Additionally, consistency in testing as well as accuracy of the test can make the difference between life and death. Good Glucos solves both of these challenges by providing highly accurate testing supplies on subscription. However, this is just the start of Good Glucos’ mission to provide end-to-end diabetes management for all.


Fiveable Is Enabling College Success for All High School Students

Fiveable -- AP Courses and College Preparedness Taught Live and Online by Top Teachers

When students take and pass AP courses, they can save as much as $19,000 in college tuition and other costs. Unfortunately, many students lack both access to AP courses as well as support outside of the classroom, which can greatly improve students’ course completion and test outcomes. Amanda DoAmaral, the founder of Fiveable, has intimate knowledge of this reality having taught AP History in Oakland, California as well as from her experience with Teach for America. While this gap is greatest in school districts with fewer resources, this is a wide-scale problem across the United States.


Kalyan Enables Stress-Free Food Allergy Management

Kalyan Founders -- Alma Ohene-Opare, Evelyn Ohene-Opare, Celest Janssen, Aaron Janssen

When Alma and Evelyn’s son, Kalyan, was born they noticed irregularities with his skin and he was scratching to the point of injuring himself. After numerous trips to the pediatrician and being told everything was alright, Evelyn remembered Alma had been diagnosed a few months before with a milk allergy. She was inspired to take Kalyan to an allergist to be tested. Sure enough, it turned out that he was allergic to nearly twenty food items, and this marked the beginning of a period in his parents’ lives fraught with uncertainty, fear, and frustration.


How to Get Seed Funding for Your Tech Startup by Thinking Like an Investor

Cut the Check

Fundraising seed capital for your startup is a pain, right?

You don’t really know what investors are looking for or what chances you have to raise the money you need.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through how investors think about your investment.

Now, every investor is different, and despite what people tell you, seed investing can be very subjective. But this guide is meant to give you a general sense of what they are looking at and for, so you can be one step ahead of them (most of them).

Ready to dive in?

Let’s do it, but first, two sentences to put things in context:

Seed funding was meant to enable innovators to build and prove out their ideas in the marketplace, but with the increasing size of seed rounds (often $1.5M or more), investor’s expectations have also swelled.

What was an exceedingly difficult task in the past has only gotten more challenging, and startup founders need to work harder to distinguish their business from a multitude of other promising companies.


The most important thing you can do as a founder of an early-stage startup

I had the pleasure to attend a great panel discussion put on by Strawberry Creek Ventures and Castor Ventures, firms that invest in Berkeley and MIT alumni respectively. The two panelists were both fantastic entrepreneurs working on genuinely world-changing solutions, and over the course of the evening, they recounted their entrepreneurial journey. After the moderator finished asking her questions, the discussion was opened up to audience questions.

I asked the two entrepreneurs how they got their ideas off the ground at the earliest stages of their enterprise. This is a topic that I’m obsessed with given that it’s my job to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their startups. Both answers were great, but one truly resonated with me.


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