TAM, SAM, SOM: Why No One Can Agree What They Mean

TAM, SAM, SOM: What do they mean?

Why can’t someone explain, in simple terms, what TAM, SAM, and SOM mean? That’s because no one can agree what they actually mean! But don’t worry, we’ll try our best to demystify these terms! In this guide, we’ll tell you how others define TAM, SAM, and SOM in real, normal-person language. Plus, I’ll go over … more

Chapter 7: Most Important Lessons about Getting Angel Investment

A complete guide to finding angel investors

Having spoken with hundreds of founders winning and failing to win angel investment, there are a couple of clear trends that come up repeatedly.  Many founders want to skip right to blasting countless angel investors with emails, or they spend the majority of their time designing and re-designing their pitch deck. I’m yet to meet … more

Chapter 6: Angel Fundraising Logistics

A complete guide to finding angel investors

Okay, now you know how to identify angel investors, vet, prioritize, and meet with them. There are a lot of questions about logistics that you might still have, such as how to take in the investment, how to track connections, and what’s the best way to email them. This chapter covers all those questions and … more

Chapter 5: Connecting with Angel Investors

A complete guide to finding angel investors

After you have qualified your angel investor leads and prioritized those with the highest likelihood of investing, it’s time to reach out to them.  This is usually the part where founders get most intimidated and confused about what to do. Fear not, however! I’ve got some actionable and effective tactics that will demystify the process … more

Chapter 4: Qualifying and Prioritizing Angel Investor Leads

A complete guide to finding angel investors

Fundraising is sales, and as any good salesperson will tell you, the first step in the sales process is qualifying or vetting leads. In other words, it’s deciding, based on pre-determined criteria, how likely a lead is to buy what you are selling. You can either spend 10 hours trying to convince a lead that … more

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